How the TechTreat CP2 Aerated System works

The Techtreat system is a two tank system with a primary tank / septic tank the household waste water
enters the  septic tank where it breaks down the sewage for disposal.

It works by slowing the passage of raw waste down allowing any solids to settle out where they are reduced
to liquid by bacterial action (anaerobic bacteria) as new liquid enters the tank the acted upon fluid passes
through the outlet this ends the  anaerobic stage.

It then enters the treatment tank where it is introduced to an oxygen-rich environment. This is where the TechTreat system uses a medo brand air blower with an on off time setting witch reduces power consumption
and prolongs the life of the blower.

The aerobic bacteria thrive in the oxygen enriched environment where they purify the effluent as it passes
through the chamber into the clarification chamber where it slows down and the solids are separated and
settle to the bottom. From here they are returned to the septic tank by a  sludge return pipe that sucks up
the sludge and places it into the septic tank. This also causes displacement and gives the system a constant supply of effluent. This means if you're away your system is kept alive and continues to purify the effluent.  

The clarified or treated effluent then passes through into the pump chamber when it gets to a certain level 
at aprox 100lts it is sucked out of the tank by a jet pump that feeds the irrigation fields and waters plants
and shrubs.

Click here to view a flow diagram showing the system at work.