The Best System and The Best Service 

Burnt submersible pumps

Fed up with burnt out
submersible pumps only lasting between 2 to 5 years?


The TechTreat pump

The TechTreat pump setup can be in a shed or outside in a dry pump box with all the electrics safely above ground!


TechTreat’s service is second to none. We take care of the job from Council consent through to installation
and completion. After which we take care of the servicing once a year so if there is a problem there is only
one person to speak to and no passing the buck!

Because our system keeps the pump high and dry you have much lower maintenace costs with no burnt out
submersible pumps to replace every 2 to 5 years, even worse some other systems have two pumps which
means double trouble and on-going replacement costs.

Quite simply TechTreat has built our product to be the most reliable system in New Zealand.