Aerated wastewater treatment systems designed by specialists

We design, supply, install and maintain both standard and advanced aerated wastewater systems that are failsafe, durable, efficient and hassle-free to maintain and service.

With over a decade of experience and research, we’ve developed an aerated wastewater treatment system that solves the problems posed by traditional wastewater systems.

aerated wastewater systems - Tech Treat
aerated wastewater systems - Tech treat

Our systems

We’ve invested time and effort into researching, developing and producing a product that delivers on efficiency, longevity and ease of maintenance, and we’re proud of the products we provide.

The CP2 Aerated Wastewater Treatment system

One of the major limitations we encountered with aerated wastewater systems was the need for electrical components to be submerged in water. This design flaw used more power and created service and maintenance issues.

Our system does away with all that as all electrical components are above ground.

Features of the CP2 include:

  • Handles up to 2000l water per day, which services up to 10 people or a 5-bedroom home
  • No submerged electrical parts
  • Lightweight, making is easy to transport and install
  • Low power usage
  • Fabricated from high quality, long-lasting polymer
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High quality tanks direct from the manufacturer

Our tanks are manufactured by Reln from a long-life polymer that is light-weight, easy to transport, install and maintain. Reln tanks come with a manufacturer’s 15-year guarantee and meet the NZ Onsite Domestic Wastewater Treatment Systems standard.

Why choose Tech Treat?

From start to finish, the specialists at Tech Treat take care of your whole wastewater project, from completing the required earthworks with our drain laying service to installation and maintenance.

OSET Certified

Both our Standard and Advanced wastewater systems not only meet NZ Standards for Domestic Wastewater Treatment, they exceed them.

OSET is a local government infinitive to test and certify wastewater treatment systems in New Zealand, and they conduct a series of tests to check the quality of each wastewater system.

You can view our results of OSET testing here: