Lightweight, durable and easy to install plastic water tanks

If you live in a rural area and have no access to town water supply, high-quality plastic water tanks to harvest rain water off your roof are a great option.

Durable, cost-effective and easy to install

We stock and install 15,000l, 25,000l and 30,000l water tanks all over Kerikeri and beyond. Our water tanks are made from durable polymer and sold direct to us from the manufacturer, Reln.

They’re great value, as their lightweight nature makes them easy to transport and install and they are all backed by a 15-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

plastic water tanks - Tech Treat

Hassle free process

When you buy a water tank from TechTreat, you get more than a product – you get a comprehensive service that makes life easier for you. From carrying out earthworks to installation and servicing, we take care of the whole process for you.

Get your high quality plastic water tank from the team from TechTreat. Contact us today to see how we can help you.