Wastewater system and septic tank Building Consent – let us help

If the thought of getting your wastewater system or septic tank building consent through council fills you with dread, then TechTreat are the team to talk to.

When you purchase a wastewater system or septic tank from TechTreat, we take care of the whole project for you – start to finish – including applying for consents.

We have many years experience working with District Councils when it comes to putting together consent applications, so we are familiar with their processes and will work with them to get your wastewater system approved.

Why do I need consent for my septic tank?

Wastewater systems are an essential part of any new build or major renovation. It is vital that you deal with your wastewater in an efficient and safe manner to ensure that the environment and the people who live or work in the area are protected. Resource and building consents make sure that your system meets all the requirements

What we do

  • Organise a TP58 writer to determine the system type required
  • Assess the District Plan Rules and how they apply to you
  • Work with Council Planners to meet the criteria of the District Plan
  • Put together your building consent application and lodge it with Far North Council on your behalf
  • Make changes to your application if required

Tech Treat are your wastewater specialists, dedicated to making the whole process of wastewater design, supply and installation hassle-free. If you have any questions about wastewater or septic tank consent, contact the friendly team at Tech Treat today, we’re happy to help.