The TechTreat CP2 Aerated Wastewater Treatment System 

The TechTreat CP2 Aerated Wastewater Treatment System was designed to be a failsafe, easy to install, economical system with no heavy lifting. This robust system is designed to manage a maximum 10
persons or 2000lts per day and will comfortably accommodate up to a 5 bedroom house.

The TechTreat system is the only aerated system without any electrical parts in the treatment chambers.
This means the system doesn’t need an electrician to connect it up in most cases.

This compact two tank system was designed for easy installation and is also great value with its
economical long life polymer tanks manufactured by Reln whose quality product gives you the same or
longer life span as concrete tanks and with less transport costs!

The pumps and controls can be installed up to 10 metres away inside a shed or garage giving a neat
tidy overall appearance- plug and play system in most cases.

The TechTreat CP2 has no electrical parts inside the sewage chambers, no submersible pumps and
no float switches. This enables easy trouble free access to all areas of the system as well as low power
usage and a longer life span of all the mechanical parts means you have a low maintenance system
(once annual servicing recommended).

For techincal drawings of the TechTreat CP2 Aerated Wastewater Treatment System please click on the
links below:

Tank Cross Section
Tank Elevation

For a detailed description of how the system works please click here for more information.